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Coming 2024


  • Product Prototype in hand

  • Marcy and Christina join forces to outline the business scope, commencing their partnership

  • Founders research & document materials, partners and vendors. Layout the fundamentals of the marketing plan

  • Jan 2023:  Marcy & Christina formalized partnership agreement

  • 1Q23:  Engaged our Engineering partner, Glassboard to re-engineer the proto-type

  • 2Q23:  Glassboard and Industrial Engineer, Keep Object & SGG begin working together to problem solve, proto-type and design

  • 3Q23 & 4Q23:  Fundraise & Proving out the product concept.

  • 1Q24 & 2Q24:  Second Generation prototyping and testing finalized.  Founders utilize consultants for tech stack elements, financial, brand elements & manufuacturing/fulfillment operations

  • 2Q24: Final market research and testing. Manufacturing and fulfillment relationships solidified

  • 2Q24: & 3Q24  Pre-sale campaign.  Tweak launch elements.  Operations contracts executed.  Offline marketing & digital agencies retained.  SOP's Designed.  Tech systems moving into place.  Website / Ecommerce complete

  • 3Q24:  Marketing, advertising, production, logistics, warehousing are all in motion and ready for 4Q24 Launch.

  • 4Q24:  Launch of SILA nationally - D2C

Profitable 4Q25

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