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Unique Product, Quick To Market, Endless Possibilities and Unstoppable Drive 


Invest in a company that has a vision beyond just one product.  Invest in a business that reaches into the endless possibility of what one product idea can lead into - places to dream big.  Stand beside two established women who understand achieving success ultimately is all about the health of the partnership and the determination to make vision come true.  

Be an integral part of building products that will certainly place a dent in the world.  Each product is merely a steppingstone to greater achievements & possibilities for what lies ahead.  It is going to be fun - join us for the ride of a lifetime and an opportunity to expand your wealth. 

We have ventured into the realm of handheld carbonation with our initial product. This particular domain has previously seen only minimal exploration with insufficient enthusiasm, consideration, and a notable absence of focus on quality control, brand establish
ment, and direct engagement with women. Our upcoming second product falls within the personal/intimate sphere, an area where female perspectives and influence have been scarce.

We are thrilled to embark on our first product, as our combined wisdom, experience in operations and D2C launch/rollout will help ensure success. With our combined business acumen, scrappiness, passion, and energy with your resources to drive a furious US direct to consumer campaign launch, we are positioned to generate millions in revenue.

In add
ition to our commitment to generating millions in revenue, we are equally dedicated to giving back to society with the money we earn. We strongly believe in the power of social responsibility and want to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. By allocating a portion of our profits towards meaningful causes, we aim to contribute to initiatives that promote education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare. Through this dual focus on business success and social impact, we aspire to create a company that not only thrives financially but also makes a difference in the world.


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If you are curious, reach out.

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