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Solid Greens Group

Creating Deliberate Products

for Women 

Welcome to Solid Greens Group! We are a US-based woman-owned and inspired business committed to empowering women through connection, inspiration, and enjoyment. Our team deeply understands the distinct challenges that women encounter, and we are driven by a strong passion to develop products that enhance their confidence and capabilities in their daily lives. Our goal is to infuse a touch of fun and humor into everything we create, ensuring that women feel both uplifted and empowered.

We believe that every woman should have access to products that make their lives easier, way more fun & fulfilling. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.  We are blue-collar, we are professional.  We're at-home, in an office or on a mountain.  We have children and we don't. 

Browse our website to learn more about who we are, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting us!

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Want to Partner With Us?

Saddle Up! We are thrilled to inform you that we are actively searching for partners to engage in collaboration. If your organization aligns with our core values and goals, we are eager to explore potential partnership prospects. Kindly visit our Investor page on this website or don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting. During our discussion, we can delve deeper into how we can combine efforts to accomplish our shared objectives. We appreciate your interest and eagerly anticipate establishing a connection with you.

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